Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 155

The Harlem Globetrotters

Before I begin on our Harlem Globetrotters experience, let me begin by saying:

a) I know this isn’t ‘proper’ basketball, but it is mighty fun.
b) The HGs were known to us in the UK for appearances on UK TV shows in the 1980s (dare I say Jim’ll Fix It??? and Blue Peter). Obviously those HGs are no longer in the business of showcasing their amazing talents, but these guys rocked it.
c) It was very ‘American’ – in an ‘awesome’ way.










So, the venue was Tiger’s Arena at Towson University. The HGs put on a spectacle, and there is fine basketball in between the songs and the banter and the clowning around (at times it felt almost circus-like).

We had front row seats – woohoo! So we got to see them up close and personal, but I got to see them even more up close and personal than I could have imagined.

As one guy came along to high five us all, he spotted my bag and took off with it on court, and then, of course, I was dragged on court. Husband hangs head in shame; Harry jumps for joy. I am in panic, but mumbled through!

‘I’m from the UK,’ I bleated at him (as if this was a good get-out clause in case I really messed up). ‘Well, hi, I’m from the USA,’ he retorted and the crowd roared.

Poor little British girl all alone on court….and this happens.

Hurrah for the Globetrotters – they rocked our night! My husband had his time on court and Harry got to do the YMCA (practically) and kicked his over-priced basketball instead of dribbling it.

All-American experience check list:
*Hot dog (with relish) – check
*Popcorn (coated in butter) – check
*Disgusting pretzel – check (I just don’t get pretzels – they are, to me, just revolting tasting bread and don’t even taste good when dipped in crab stuff, which I love)
*Soda – check
*Loud music and confetti and shiny things and bright lights – check
*Clapping along – check
*High fiving and whooping – check
*Watching a very talented group of performers – check

Loved it!

Swim meet

My British friend is currently experiencing something that I have not yet experienced. Swim meets. All-American, not-at-all British swim meets (that take over your life, me thinks!)

This is how she tells it [brilliantly]:

“Honey, I been here at the pool since 7.30AM…I have so become a swim ‘mom’ 🙂
You will find me asleep on a sun lounger!
You’re going to have to come to our next home swim meet and blog about it……it is amazing and everything I admire about America.
When we arrived we had to park way down the road as naturally some early bird Americans been here since 7am (we skip warm ups!).

OMG – it’s like a carnival here! Hundreds of kids, posters, the good ole American anthem (sung by one of the older swimmers almost brought a tear to my eye!)… In baking heat already at 8am.
Each team on either side of the pool singing and screaming their team chants at one another…and then the swim starts… Everyone gets to swim- huge focus on all inclusivity.

The organisation behind it is phenomenal! Naturally this embraces the epitome of American volunteering. I see moms and dads from the school doing registration, race line up, race timing, recording race results, manning the refreshment stand…. Of course, I’m being typically British, not volunteering, just sat here cheering and sunbathing and watching in total awe and admiration at this well oiled machine going on around me.

It’s like a school fete on steroids and the atmosphere is infectious – God Bless America!

….now excuse me, I’m embracing Americana here and off to get me a Krispy Kreme donut for my breakfast.”


This is my idea of pool heaven.....

This is my idea of pool heaven…..

Another British blog about the USA

My other British friend has been writing a blog about her experiences in the USA. They are very different from mine, but absolutely worth reading. You’ll see why….

Getting about a bit

Yesterday I just wanted to see stuff. The weather was warm and inviting, and I wanted to check out stuff I’d not seen properly before, but had passed by a lot. This is important, I think – to take in the history and appreciate it.

Sykesville I went to, and bits of old Ellicott City that I had not yet perused. And bloody lovely it all was!

Historical and hilly, I thought. A smidge of the old style USA. Excellent.
















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7 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 155

  1. Charlotte Jones says:

    I am absolutely amazed at all the places you go to, and all the experiences you write about! Fascinating, and thanks so much for sharing them Claire.

  2. Cindy H says:

    Go take in a Chesapeake Shakespeare show in the ruins up on the hill in EC if you haven’t already – the Family night on Sunday has a storytelling event about the show for the kids as well as sword fight demonstrations and other family friendly fun. My daughter is in the high school company and they work the shows, running the face painting etc. You can buy hotdogs and shaved ice on site or bring a picnic to enjoy. Just pick an evening that isn’t ridiculously hot (or threatening thunderstorms). Taming of the Shrew is probably the best choice for the younger set. I recommend bringing your own chairs/blanket or reserving a picnic table rather than sitting in the folding chairs.

    • We were planning on going tonight but the weather is a bit precarious! I am a Shakespeare buff and can’t wait to see it. Strange coincidence that my mother has just finished an outdoor production of Anthony and Cleopatra back home in the UK!

  3. Cindy H says:

    Try again next week! If you see a girl with a really long blonde ponytail painting faces or running a game, introduce yourself – she will be tickled…especially if you have an accent. 🙂

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