Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 138

That Bay Bridge

I’ve shared my scaredy-cat view of the Bay Bridge, which you have to cross to get to lovely places like Rehoboth and all the beaches on the Eastern Shore, and cross it I have at least five times now, but I am no less scared each time (it’s the lack of high railings that make my stomach turn).

I had heard rumours of people taking money to drive your car across for you, and lo and behold, up popped this article on the Daily Mail!

The fact is, I’m not actually sure if I prefer to drive……being a passenger is even more terrifying 😦

One day I will learn to love this bridge; it is rather breathtaking after all.

How is that not just a little bit scary-fying?

How is that not just a little bit scary-fying?

Baddie Brits

FACT: we Brits are often cast as the baddies in US movies and TV series.

Just like Benedict Cumberbatch in the new Star Trek movie (and my favourite – Scar in the Lion King, voiced by Jeremy Irons).

There must be some good Brits in movies, aren’t there? I just can’t think of any. Anyway, top movie peeps have been giving their views on why they think Brits are baddies……do we just do it better…?

So bad he must be British....

So bad he must be British….

School holibobs

Arrrggggh! School holibobs are here! They are sooooo long in the USA! Granted, the kids here don’t get half terms, but still – this is three full months!

Thank you to the clever, thoughtful, kind person who invented summer camps. It was a wise thing to do.

The traditional view of a summer camp as a woody place with hiking, canoeing, and campfires is evolving, with all sorts of new fangled camps popping up – there are camps for the performing arts, music, magic, computers, language learning, mathematics, children with special needs, and weight loss (we know them as fat camps). And even the School of Protocol Summer Camp. Aren’t they supposed to be fun?

A fun summer setting the table

A fun summer setting the table



Cockney rhyming slang

I was chattting to a friend about Cockney rhyming slang t’other day and it really is a foreign language.

Here are some top rhyming slang uses that I hope my American friends will start using. It really does make things much more fun.

Apples and pears = Stairs
Berkeley Hunt = Take a wild guess….
Boat Race = Face
Bread (and Honey) = Money
Bristols / Bristol Cities = Titties (boobs)
Brown Bread = Dead
Bull and Cow = Row (argument)
(Have a) butcher’s / Butcher’s Hook = Look
And my fave, Cream Crackered = Knackered (tired)

If you want to find more rhyming slang to shout out randomly, see here πŸ™‚

Rude British Road Signs


Because it made me laugh. Are there any rude American ones? Not sure I’ve seen any yet – just lovely, amazing, crazy ones like Departed Sunset Lane and Golden Harvest Court and Warm Sunshine Path πŸ™‚

US Cheese Rolling Champion

The USA man who won the cheese rolling down Cooper’s Hill, has only bloomin’ gone and lost his cheese!

I can’t Adam and Eve (believe) it!

Mix1073 podcast

Last night I hung out at Cantina Marina in DC with Brooke Ryan from Mix107.3 to be part of her podcast, which was super fun, plus it was utterly amazing to see the sunset on the river.

What fun we had drinking shots and talking about random stuff, all in the name of media.

The top thing about saying ‘yes’ to invitations and grabbing the opportunity is the people you meet. Just brilliant people from all walks of life, from places in the USA I’ve never been to, but need to go to, and how people just accept you and bring you in and talk and share and welcome you.

It’s a beautiful thing, peeps πŸ™‚

Cantina Marina in DC!

Cantina Marina in DC!

Gorgeous sunset

Gorgeous sunset

Margarita time!

Margarita time!

Shots in the name of media

Shots in the name of media

Down in one!

Down in one!

Just excellent attire :)

Just excellent attire πŸ™‚

Photo bomb!

Photo bomb!

A great night!

A great night!

Some awesome tattoo art

Some awesome tattoo art

I also got a chance to check out my Brit chum Caroline’s awesome, crazy, fantastical art that she’s been working on in the USA whilst I was there. Check it out!

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9 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 138

  1. ThatOtherGuy says:

    You forgot my favorite cockney slang: “trouble and strife” πŸ˜‰

  2. Lisa says:

    HEY how about Alice Eve is British, she was awesome in StarTrek,into the Darkness. hope they will make her captain in the next StarTrek film. from a proud half American and half British, my parents from Elmbridge,Surrey

  3. Lambskin Lane in Columbia makes me feel skeevy…

  4. So great meeting you! Had the best time…and OH MY GOODNESS CAROLINE’S ART IS AMAZING!

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