Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 125

Prince Harry Visits Washington!

Prince Harry is in Washington DC to begin his spring tour of the USofA, and I wish he would pop in for a chinwag, but it looks like his agenda is pretty full.

Prince Harry is my favourite royal, and it seems the US press is pretty keen on him too (he hasn’t misbehaved with strip billiards so far this time…)

Prince Harry’s week-long American tour started with a chat with US lawmakers and a trip to Capitol Hill.

The press are calling him ‘cute, young, rebellious, with adorable red hair – and he can’t seem to do anything wrong,’ (???!!!), say the media in awe.

A ‘breath of fresh heir’ they gush. How sweet.

‘He’s got a great smile and he doesn’t come to the United States often enough,’ swoons another paper.

I’m guessing these are women writing these comments…..

‘I think we’ll see that sort of mixture of statesman-like prince charming, but also the celebrity playboy prince. I think the Americans love to attach him to that image,’ they ooze.

There'll be no strip billiards with the FLOTUS....

There’ll be no strip billiards with the FLOTUS….

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, says he would keep an eye on him so that there are no scandals this time. Perhaps he’ll pop to New York – it’s ripe for a roaringly good scandal!

All in all, Harry seems like a good [time] chap. We’ll just have to see if he can be in the States this time without any silly-willy-ness.

Place your bets….

See more on the US love for the playboy prince here:

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