Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 123

Cock stock

The picture says it all….



Anyway, enough of this smuttiness – let’s talk USA murder trials, celebrity-style….

Jodi Arias

Today I watched the verdict on the Jodi Arias trial live. There was much banter and discussion on Facebook and Twitter about whether she would get First Degree or Second Degree murder. There was the same emotion, excitement and anticipation as if the nation was waiting for a very, very ‘important’ final of America’s Got Talent or the X Factor or those other shows that are reality TV…Who will win? What will the outcome be? Who cares, I just want to watch….

I was in a friend’s house for the 4.30pm verdict and their 14 year old son was also eager to see it live – ‘It’s like the Casey Anthony trial,’ he said sagely. (The Casey Anthony trial took place two years ago –


We gasp, we look at her reaction, say our piece……and then we get on with our normal, regular bits and bobs.

And that was that. The results were in. The trial was over.

See here for info on the case history:

What really caught my attention was that for the few days leading up to this trial, and, in fact, for many months before, Jodi Arias had become a celebrity of sorts. Celebrity status for killing your on/off boyfriend. For once having blonde hair and now having dark hair and glasses. For having weird phone sex. For having your trial on TV……

And that seems to be the crux of it. The fact that trials are on TV, put into the scheduling like a mini-series for all to view. ‘Family-friendly’ viewing.

These are just some of the comments to promote programmes about the trial that I heard on TV recently to raise the profile of the case and exploit it even further:

‘Tune in, see the latest in the Jodi Arias trial. From blonde bombshell to brunette babe….’
‘We have our own jury giving their verdict on the Arias trial in the studio tonight, see what they have to say.’
‘Jodi loves being on trial – we find her guilty of loving the attention. We show how much Jodi is enjoying the spotlight.’

Was this real, or reality TV? By creating a media furore, was she getting the attendtion she craved? Who is guilty now…the media, the public? Me? I purposefully sat down to watch it – I wanted to witness it live and see her reaction, to be part of it…..

Jodi awaits her verdict....

Jodi awaits her verdict….

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6 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 123

  1. Some people treat her like and other murderers like their celebrities. Did you see my FB post? I heard an interview with a lady outside the courthouse who had actually driven from Kentucky to Arizona just to stand outside to hear the verdict. The reporter asked her why and she just said that she had been following the case so long she just felt like she needed to be there. She was worried you wouldn’t be found guilty. LOL–what the hell was she going to do about it then? Get a life lady!

  2. Cool! Great to hear πŸ™‚

  3. First one, and then the other!!!

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