Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 120

Honouring HoCoPoPo

The HoCoPoPo is a cute name used for the Howard County Police. Today I saw a convoy of them on Route 29, with flashing lights and new and old police cars, with the traffic stopped. It was quite mesmerising, especially as we’re not used to seeing cop cars around here much.

So I tweeted the local paper to find out what was going on, and when I read the reply I was sad and grateful and shocked all in one go.

The convoy was made up of Howard County police and government officials who were out to honour seven police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Those who were honoured were:

Maryland State Police Trooper Shaft Hunter, who was killed after he attempted to stop a motorcycle on May 21, 2011, when his patrol car ran into a tractor-trailer parked on the shoulder of I-95 south near the Welcome Center by Route 32. A witness told police that a motorcycle passed his vehicle “at a high rate of speed” and it was followed by a marked police car, which, moments later, crashed into the tractor-trailer in the fatal collision.

Cpl. Scott Wheeler, who was struck by a speeding car while conducting “step-outs,” which the Baltimore Sun said was when an officer “steps into the highway and waves over speeding cars so the drivers can be ticketed.”

Recruit Ofc. Roger D. Cassell Jr., who died after collapsing following a training exercise at the HCPD academy in 1994.

Maryland State Police Cpl. Theodore D. Wolf, Sr., who police said was shot in 1990 during a traffic stop of two men smuggling drugs in a stolen vehicle.

Officer Randolph E. Brightwell Sr., who police said was shot in 1961 during a traffic stop of two men who had just robbed and killed a gas station attendant.

Deputy Sheriff Frank J. Miller, who police said died of a heart attack after struggling with a prisoner in 1946.

Constable Charles T. Weber, who died after being dragged alongside a speeding vehicle in 1924.

What I witnessed was a Memorial Ride Tuesday for Police Week. It was quite awesome to see. Sorry I have no pics – I was driving at the time.


Thanks for Howard County Police Department and Columbia Patch for the photo.

Thanks to Howard County Police Department and Columbia Patch for the photo.

A funny little sign

It seems signs are catching our eyes at the moment.

My friend, Judy, spotted this one on the campus of Howard County Community College at a crossing.



Just so the cars get the message!

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