Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 111

A new romance

My other half is now in love with his American car, and it’s only been a week since they have been together.

He declared that he loved it so much he would even consider shipping it back to the UK when the time comes.

Why would you do that? I asked.
Because it’s such a great car, he replied with determination in his voice.
But you’d be driving a left-hand drive car on the left hand side of the road and there are all sorts of problems associated with that, I suggested sagely.
Are there? Like what? He looked confused.
Like going to a Drive-Thru McDonalds, for instance, I replied.

And so it was with those harsh, harsh words ringing in his ears that he instantly dismissed all thoughts from his mind of shipping his beloved Buick to the UK.

And that is the sad story of how I broke my husband’s heart.


Funcle Buck lookie-likie

Funcle Buck lookie-likie

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16 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 111

  1. Ha,ha! I had an American car when I lived in the U.K. and it was actually quite easy to drive but in 1988 there were no drive-thrus. Modern day problems. Sheesh!

  2. Rhough says:

    You can’t move back to the U.K. … problem solved =)

  3. racheljjo says:

    Just to mix things up…. Simeon’s dad shipped his Chevrolet back to the UK when they finished their stint in the US back in the 80s and they had many, many happy years together back in Blighty. Sorry… πŸ˜‰

  4. Deborah elliott says:

    That brought a smile to my face.xx
    Miss you both lots.xx

  5. Julie Yungmann says:

    Please tell me its not a Buick that he is in love with?! And how ’bout you w/ the drive-thru comeback on why no ship to the UK…prob because you have the bank thru on the brain!! You need to try the Bank of American iphone check deposit. I never go to the bank now!!

  6. wordbones says:

    I’m sure there is a mechanic somewhere in town who could shift the controls to right for him…problem solved…just saying…I mean, this is love we are talking about here isn’t it?

  7. Pat and Pam says:

    I am with you, and I thought your response was excellent — cut to the chase immediately. Logical, rational reasons would not have worked.

  8. EmmaK says:

    I’m glad you thought on your feet although the carpark and McDonald’s issues could be overcome if someone else was in the car. I sense that you might not be so enamoured by the Buick as he is so want it to stay back in America on your departure! probably costs a lot to ship too

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