Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 102

Summer evenings

John Travolta and old Olivia were right – ‘those suuuuuummmm-er-eh niigggggghhhttts’ are a blast!


I’ve realised the thing I love most of all about this 94 degree weather we are having in Maryland is the warm evenings – sooooo tropical. You just don’t get that in the UK. It’s a joy to be al fresco. I don’t want to rub it in, UK peeps. Oh hang on a cotton-pickin’ minute, it’s bloody well due to rain on Friday.

Well, that will wipe the smug smile off my very freckly face.

Roller skate dining

At first, when a friend posted about Sonic Drive in Diners coming to our vicinity, I was dismayed. ‘Another fast food chain, just what we need,’ I moaned. ‘But it has staff on ROLLERSKATES!” she replied.

She had me at rollerstakes (which is just as well, as there was no more of that sentence).

A rollerskating drive in diner is so blog-worthy!


Sonic is a fast food chain, known for keeping the drive-in, car hop and mixed fountain drink alive, and it “will feature throw-back style fast food, the restaurant’s signature car ports, and something a little different” (it claims).

The idea behind Sonic is that you basically sit in your car and eat your food.

But in this one that we are getting that ‘something a little different’ is that you can eat IN THE RESTAURANT. Um, does that not make it the same as every other restaurant? I’m confused.

Anyhow, bring on the rollerskates!

Phrases I want to use whilst I am here

ALRIGHT ALREADY‘ – I would like to use this, but cannot yet find an appropriate context.
HOT DIGGITY DOG‘ – nope, again, I cannot see when I might use this. I so want to though.

American blonde

In America there are also dizzy blondes – hoorah! I wondered why I felt at home here….


Anyway, this is the conversation with one such American dizzy blonde in a store.

(She is staring at me A LOT.)

“Are you from Europe?”
“Yes I am.”
“My uncle is from Europe. Well, Australia, actually.”


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8 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 102

  1. It’s always shocking to me when I open the Boden catalog for spring/summer and it has LONG sleeve items. Um, no…

  2. “Oh hang on a cotton-pickin’ minute, it’s bloody well due to rain on Friday.” Ha,ha! Since when have you guys picked some cotton? Love the mix of Britishisms and Americanisms. You’re starting to sound like me.

    We have two Sonics in my area. You must try the onion rings- they have vanilla in the batter. To-die-for! And if that’s not enough vanilla for ya, try a vanilla coke as well.

  3. ThatOtherGuy says:

    In the summer you’ll often see classic car guys meet up at Sonic. If you chance by on a Saturday night (usually) you might get to see some real classics.

  4. jacqueline moore says:

    I’ve met airheads with that “british/european/australian/just all white people from PBS programs/same difference!” attitude-funny. We get a kinda/sorta inside-out version here: the UK tourists who blithely announce they’ll be coming over for a week, and they’ll land in NY, spend a day as tourists, go to FL and take in Disneyworld, Universal studios, Sea World, pop over to Cape Canaveral, pop over to Tampa for Busch Gardens, head out west to see the Grand Canyon and take in Vegas, then head back to see D.C. We just smile and say “Good luck with that”.

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