Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 80

The UK according to Harry

Harry, at five years old, has realised that being British in America has its perks. Adults and kids alike are interested in you, your accent, how you’re coping with it all, what school you’re at, and your ‘oh so precious name’ – Harry is, after all, very British 🙂

Harry has cottoned on to all this and quite relishes the fact that he is a little different from his current American friends or new ones that he meets.

But what he also does is distort the truth a little (I’m being kind here) about the UK. He gets quizzed by other kids about it, and to be fair he can’t remember a great deal about it, so he sort of makes stuff up or embellishes it.

Jel and Harry in the snow - 26 Jan 2013 021

 (How could this angelic face make up anything…?)

Some of the kids at the Super Bowl party were asking Harry about the UK and were puzzled by his responses. So here’s Harry’s justifications to me for his replies:

“In the UK there is no school.”
Harry, there is school in the UK.
“Well, I didn’t go to school, I went to nursery, so there isn’t any school.”

“In the UK people don’t tell lies.”
Some people do Harry, which isn’t right.
“Well, I just tell jokes, which aren’t lies, they are just jokes.”

“I am the King of Britain.”
Um, no you’re not Harry.
“Well, whenever I say my name, people always say I am like Prince Harry, so I will be a King one day.”

I have come to the conclusion that Harry will definitely become a dodgy lawyer. He is in agreement with this, though I suspect he has no idea what that is 🙂

Good Morning America

I have been tweeting Good Morning America on a weekly basis to encourage them to get me on their show to talk about being British in America and my observations. No luck yet. Will keep you posted. I already know which outfit I want to wear on the sofa, so we’re practically sorted.


Blog party

I’m hosting a blog party in Howard County as part of my blog community outreach, which means I get to meet other HocoBlogs bloggers who write their own musings and who also read and comment on my blog.

It’s got a British theme, taking place at Union Jack’s pub, and will be pretty darn cool. Check it out!



I’m also doing a Podcast for these guys on 15 February…. HoCoMoJo. They are very funny and I get to have a good old chinwag with them and debate about all sorts of stuff. And it takes place in the Mall, which is a double bonus!

Blog-tastic, blog lovelies 🙂

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9 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 80

  1. ThatOtherGuy says:

    If you’re serious about getting on TV/Radio, you’d probably have more luck with local stations as they’d be interested in your take on HoCo specifically.

  2. says:

    I googled dodgy lawyer and looked at the UK ones – Well!!!!

    and he is in the hierachy to be King if 61,000,003 die! – so it’s not a lie…………………

  3. ian bolden says:

    For “your” try “you’re”

    Oh for pedants!

  4. salpal1 says:

    If you get on to GMA, be sure to say hi to me! Love that show, and of course, Robin. Someday, I have a goal to go be waving int he window at htem – never occurred to me to try to be on it! I wish you luck with that, I hope you make it. 🙂

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