Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 45

Doors and credit cards

Have you ever wondered if that door opening with a credit card thing you see in the movies is true?

Well, it is and it isn’t.

A maintenance man came to fix our door, which has two locks on. Always put the deadlock on, he said, as well as the bottom lock – anyone could open that bottom lock with a credit card.

Oh, I thought, is that for real?

So when the man had gone, I got out my credit card (well, actually, my Lloyds Visa Debit card) and had a stab at opening the bottom lock with my card. I made sure that I was doing it from the inside in case any of the neighbours began to wonder why I was breaking in to my own house.

It was not a fruitful ten minutes, it has to be said. I would make a rubbish burglar, since I could not do it.

According to the maintenance man, though, it is possible, and I want to believe him, so I still hold out faith in burglary with credit cards movie-style.

Wine in a can

I had sparkling wine in a can. What more is there to be said about this? Here is the proof (and a rather lovely waiter too).

Don’t knock the wine in a can thing. It’s good! For reference, the wine is called Sofia and it’s from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, which makes it Hollywood wine.

See here for more lovely wine in a can and other things from the director of some of the greatest films on earth, such as Apocalypse Now (number one favourite film ever) and The Godfather triology (totally amazeballs films) And now he makes wine, which is excellent.

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3 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 45

  1. UPDATE: The door opening credit card thing is true – my husband did it! He is very chuffed!

  2. Kevin I. in Columbia says:

    Where did you get this sparkling wine? I Googled the Station Bar with no luck. The waiter is lovely!

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