Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 44

Driving rules

Well, there are no driving rules. We Brits like our motorways to have rules, where there is a fast lane, middle lane and slow lane. No such thing here!

For example, the exits and entrances on the highway/freeway are practically one in the same thing. The only rule is zig zag in/out and make your entrance/exit if you can by speeding up/slowing down.

The fast lane is non-existent – any lane is a fast lane, and sometimes cars enter into what we would call the fast lane, making it all seem quite precarious at times.

Driving here still fascinates me. The highway code is being slowly obliterated from my memory.


Talking commercials 

So, commercials on the radio. There are a lot. And, interestingly, the presenters also give out commercial speak. I heard one today for a razor for male neck hair (odd in itself) that the presenter presented after the weather report. And there was one about tires (tyres). They kind of add it in to their presenting, or at the end of a traffic or weather bulletin. It’s funny and weird.


A four year old’s perspective

Harry asked me why we say things the right way and Americans say things the wrong way. My response? That we just say things differently from each other……..

I hear my father in him! 🙂



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