Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 39

General musings

Here are some of my general musings from the weekend.

1. Teeth. The UK class system is based on social standing, education, background, how you speak etc. In America I think it is based on teeth. By this I mean, how good your teeth are. At Harry’s school there are some most excellent teeth and these people also had a boat and bid in the silent auction for everything (even though it was silent) at the school fun day. My uncle, who is a dentist in Canada, may well be able to clarify my observations about teeth. What made me contemplate this was I met a lady who lived in Queens, New York, and she was very sad and had very bad teeth. I don’t know if what I just said there is a bit classist in America, and if it is I apologise for being offensive.

2. Surrealness. I played netball in a skate park in South Washington DC last night with some fabulous African-American ladies. The event ran two hours late, but who was caring? There was so much to observe – a Jamaican jerk chicken BBQ smoking in the background, some Caribbean music rocking out, and the trains hooting their horns over head as we played in teams of NYC, Washington and Pennsylvania. I wish I could package up these experiences and share them with you. It was magical.

3. Cheering and clapping. I attended an event today that was mainly based on instruction. There was a lot of cheering and clapping (you might be amused that I just typed clearing and chapping by mistake). Anyway, they cheered and clapped and wooped and cheered and punched the air with their fists A LOT, much of the time at things that I wasn’t sure warranted or deserved a cheer or a clap, but I give them their due, they sure do know how to make an atmosphere. Cheer/clap as appropriate.


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