Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 34

A change of clothes

I have worn shorts for 5 weeks solid because of the glorious weather. I am sure you are in no doubt, however, that I own more than one pair of shorts 🙂

Today there was a noticeable change in the weather, with crazy rain and more tornado warnings. When it rains, it sure does rain. Apparently when there is a tornado I should listen for the eery sound of the tornado sirens in the distance… Dorothy didn’t hear that, otherwise it would be a whole other story, and probably a much more boring one.


Netball could well be on the cards. Many Americans do not know about netball, so I have to explain it like you would to a group of first form boys. But it’s getting known and I have plans for a team and am heading to a netball showcase in DC soon. How I long to hold a ball and don a bib!


It is pumpkin season in preparation for Halloween, and, boy, they grow their pumpkins like they do everything out here – in massive quantities.

See here for proof….

That is what’s known as a Pumpkin Patch, in case you wondered.

Being European

Today three people commented on my accent. “Are you from Europe?” “Is that a European accent?” “I guess you are from Europe, but where exactly?”

I am confused. Is having a British accent the same as having a European accent? Not to my ear, when I holidayed in Royan. Sebastian, my first French love, certainly sounded distinctly French = European. And Daan, the Dutch one, he had a European accent I seem to remember. I could go on, but I don’t think this blog page is long enough…..

Pulled pork

Is it wrong to eat this every day? I suspect so, but we love it.

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