Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 26

Man alive!

No, actually, man asleep. On my front lawn!

Er, hello?

Other men asleep in a truck blocking my drive.

Er, WTF?!

Oh, I see, they are literally sleeping on the job. They are supposed to be fixing our cable TV, but they decided to have a siesta instead. Well, wouldn’t you in 93 degree heat?

The good news, the cable TV is now fixed and the men have gone home to their own beds.

Fish central

I love fish. All fish, shellfish, white fish, pink fish. I am not, however, Dr Zeuss and therefore shall not attempt to take this rhyme any further……

Annapolis loves to catch fish and sell fish. Annapolis and I are a match made in fishy heaven.

So, amidst a large storm across the sea and in the town, we headed into Buddy’s Crab and Rib House for an all you can eat buffet. See here……

Thank you, freak storm, for introducing me to Seafood Newburg, a fish casserole that I now cannot live without and will attempt to recreate. Oh sod it, no, I’m going to drive the 40 mins to Annapolis instead.

White ‘pant’ suits

Annapolis is also home to a plethora of young American Naval officers who walk around the town allowing freaky tourists like me to take their pictures. And don’t they just look the bees knees in their official white pant (note) suits and scrambled egg hats. It is a most pleasant sight to behold. They litter the streets in a white wash of well-pressed smartness.

Everyone loves a sailor (and that’s a whole other blog about Gibraltar….!)

Turn on, tune in, turn it off again

I have been searching for the perfect radio channel and am now of the mind that no such thing exists in the USofA. Well, nothing to suit my tastes. A little bit of rock and roll please, with a few new tunes thrown in (but no drum and bassy type thing – it simply does not go down well with an Earl Grey), and none of your mindless babble and chitter-chatter, but news updates are required if you please.

I tune in to a station. Goodness me, are they talking about current affairs? I begin to listen as I mindlessly stab steam holes in the microwave Enchilada and Rice meal for one that I have purchased for my husband (for the record, I will begin to ‘cook’ when Harry starts school….).

I stop stabbing. I think I am on some right-wing, totally God-fearing religious nut-job channel. Did I just hear a caller comment that “Adolf Hitler in part succeeded…”?! Holy cow, off goes the radio and on goes my nice Coldplay CD…..and breathe……

Deer stalkers

Deer live in our forest. We have seen four of them. They pop into the garden to munch our berries. It is very pleasant to watch them from the deck.  They watch us drink and eat. I wonder if they are as in awe of us as we are of them. Probably not. We have yet to name them. Suggestions on a blog postcard, please.

Parking meters

OMG, this is a nuts system. We spent over $10 getting this wrong in Washington.

Set the scene….

83 degrees outside.

A four-year old in the back of the car.

Driving in heavy traffic into central Washington to meet my husband.

It takes an hour and ten minutes to get to him via a highway and through town.

We get to where we are supposed to go. We eventually find a parking space. There are parking meters here. In America, there are no tickets. You’re on a timer for your space. This we did not know beforehand. So we spend five minutes putting money in the meters half way up and down the street, paying additional parking for the other cars in other spaces, wondering what the hell is going on. A man even sits and watches us do it.

When we work it all out (I encouraged my husband to ASK how it worked) we put in enough for an hour’s visit to get our job done – approx $3 on top of the $8 we have already kindly paid out for our fellow parkees. The place we have driven all this way to visit in order to get said job done is shut.  We return within five minutes to our car.

At this point, I lose the plot.

We drive back home.

Checks (note)

These are like Monopoly money. They are simply not right.

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1 Response to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 26

  1. Iain says:

    Dollars are like monopoly money! Checks are much better with the tear strip at the top, dontcha think?

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