Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 21


Mexicana days

There is something pretty archaic about watching a bunch of Mexicans rock up to cut your lawn. But it happens here and Ifeel I should embrace it rather than oppose it, otherwise I’d have to cut the bloody lawn, s0 I sat on the porch and watched. And smiled and waved. And my lawn is now trimmed to perfection.


My husband’s main observation about America so far is this:

“There’s some pretty interesting roadkill here.”

I think he was referring to the dead skunk just off the 32 (note).

Note about (note)

When I write (note) it means I am using an American phrase or idiom, but you probably guessed that. For example, I took a walk along the sidewalk (note). Though this, in reality, may not happen, all things considered, because no one here really takes walks along any kind of sidewalk, as they don’t really exist.

Saying that, we took a walk in some paths in the woods at the back of our house. But we were the only ones on them, so point proven.

The garage incident

I got stuck in the garage. It was amusing and distressing at the same time for both myself and Harry. He’s chilling out on the sofa, watching a DVD. I, being the good citizen I am, was taking something to the recycling bins in the garage. And the door locks behind me.
Harry, I call. Oh Harry! Come and open the door for mummy! Harry!

Mummy, where are you?

I’m locked in the garage, can you come and open the door?

Mummy, where are you?



Harry starts to cry.

The garage door is electronic and not working. I’d been told it was waiting to be fixed. No phone, no keys…..the stuff of nightmares. And it’s hot in here. There is a snow shovel and a sprinkler. They will be of no use whatsobloodyever.

Harry is getting distressed. I am halfway between laughing and getting a little bit anxious now.

Then I spot the red cord to yank up the garage door. I yank and I yank and the door goes up. Hooray! I run round and open the front door, which is luckily unlocked like all front doors here.

Hooray, Harry, here is mummy! Hooray mummy!

Will ensure that that door is well and truly open now when I recycle.


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