Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 20

Oooer, Business Class

It is fair to say I like the finer things in life. I can get by, sure enough, but give me Business / Upper Class flight mode anytime.

A napkin?

A glass of champagne, madam?

Complimentary massage?

Yes, yes, yes and give me whatever else you have.

And the cats? I couldn’t even think about them during the flight (was it the champagne numbing my distress?). Would they be too cold, too hot? A frozen tail? A microwaved pussy?  Too awful to think about.

Me, however, I’m fine. Note to self…do not get all jolly-hoh on free champers and then hit the duty free cattle class. It’s not nice, and you end up spending loads of cash on perfume you don’t really like/need/want.

Hooking up on board

So we take our bed-seats, we choose our movies, get table service (for the record, I chose the smoked salmon and the green thai curry and partook in afternoon tea, as it would have been rude to refuse). And we get chatting to the couple with child next door (well, father and daughter and her son I later find out – easy mistake to make!).

She’s in the media and lives in Washington! Oh joy to the world! I love her already! He has a pad in Florida! There is a God!  I like these people very much and she gives me her business card. I will be calling/emailing asap, I really will!

Fancy cars

All I’m saying is that the cars that picked us up were Large Celebrity Style Cars With Big Windows. And I bloody loved it. I felt like a right Fancy Pants.

The House

So when we arrive, there are people to welcome us. Beer, milk, cucumber and green tea – all that I have requested and more. People are kind and generous, and we love it already. Missing the UK? I ask myself as I peruse my new surrounding……erm, no.

Smug smiles rest upon our faces as we chow down on take out (note) and listen to the constant sound of the crickets in the trees…..ah bliss!

Another praise be – air-con, how I love you.

As the cats miaow their way round the house (Pieface having dropped a stinker in her cat box just before we turned into our road in the Celebrity Cars) we wonder how we will fill this glorious house…………….oh yes, with all the bloody shipping that is yet to arrive.

And so to bed. That’s right, all five of us (two cats, me, hubby and son) in one bed. How many beds are there? Too bloody many, and we’re all rustled up in one.Who cares? We’re living the dream!

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5 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 20

  1. How did you get the cats over?

  2. Love the Blog. A tad envious?

  3. jozero says:

    Five in a bed.. Love it ! 😀

  4. Jo says:

    ooooooh big house and fancy cars yep i think i’d love it too 😉 Can see you more in the moveie UKdesperate housewives instead of a Gorillas in the mist……lol 🙂

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