Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 19

Doing loads of stuff

My plan is to do loads of stuff. And I start with advice from here:

Wowsers, so much to do and see! I see the Civil War will be re-inacted many times over for us if we require it.  Good job.

Sadly, they hunt bears in Maryland, I have found out. This has made me sad, and I think Helen Oxenbury’s children’s book ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ has a lot to answer for. I’ve always hated that book.

In terms of the bears, I think there may be an opening for me in a sort of Diane Fossey / Gorillas in the Mist sort of way. I’ll work on that one – as long as there is a book and film, with me playing me.

Mostly, I want to go here, which looks kind of tacky and fun and odd and beautiful all in one go… kind of place, Ocean City.

Local bars

There are two local bars I think we shall frequent. One is a sports bar: will be full of bright young things watching soccer games and drinking their annual quota of beer (seriously, we Brits are considered alcoholics in the USA owing to our over-zealous alcohol consumption) and passing out with the frat pack before they get in their Cadillacs and shoot on home (am I in the right decade, or have I taken a Grease detour?). Anyhow, I tried their steak strips there and they are ‘bitchin” (please note that this is the ACTUAL phrase used to describe them, not me trying to be cool and Americano).

The other is, which to my mind looks like a proper spit and sawdust type bar, with fights and cowboys and Hells Angels rocking up.  Woo hoo. Or it could be full of a load of deadbeats. Either way, worth a visit for the Spiced Shrimp Steamers alone.


For the record, I have not cried yet and there are 25 hours and 48 minutes to go until lift off.

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1 Response to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 19

  1. Laurel says:

    You cried at your leaving do, possibly the memory is vague…but you did x

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