Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 16

Things I will miss (applied via random thought process)

My hairdresser doing my hair and Getting It Right. I wish I could take her as my personal hairdresser, but sadly I am no celebrity, and my husband might think I was taking the piss somewhat, what with the cats coming too…..

Wodney, my reliable, but Pope-mobile/Postman Pat-alike car (though I expect when I press my foot on the gas of our new beast of a car in the USA Wodney will be out of my mind faster than the periodic table was at 14).

Towns and streets – recently I have walked more and opened my eyes more to where I live. I am pounding the streets with a feverishness usually only unleashed for internet shopping within discount timeframes.  Have I been in this park/restaurant/coffee shop? Have I ever walked here before/been along that road? I am on a pre-departure investigation of where I live. Have I taken it for granted? Yes, I have.  The place we will live in in the USA doesn’t really have a town or streets that are made for walking. I didn’t think I would, but I will miss that.

Things I won’t miss (via more randomness of thought)

Corporate guidelines, business gibberish and sitting on my arse all day everyday behind a desk. The USA will have me up and at ’em!

Yummy mummies and their flipping Mulberry Anthony handbags and Birkenstocks mooching about Waitrose (where’s your individuality?!) Disappointing , ladies…..

Conversations about other people’s children’s schools, which school they got in to, what the standards are like etc etc blah blah (I know it’s v v v important, but it’s BORING).

Thank you for listening 🙂

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