Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 15

Weather issues

So, this is the worst British summer I can ever remember, officially. It therefore means that I cannot wait to experience 37 degrees sunshine at the very-very-near-to-our-house swimming pool.

Jealousy exists through comment and image, so here are both:

The swimming pool, a short stroll from our house.

I love this pool already. To qualify this I have packed an array of biknis. Four in total. I expect to wear the red polka dot number the day after we arrive. I will post a picture. It will be awesome.


Talking of awesome, have a read of this conversation with my four and half year old.

“Harry, in America they say ‘awesome’ a lot.”

“I don’t like that word. I will say ‘great’ or ‘brilliant’ instead.”

“That’s good Harry, stick to your guns.”

May he be forever not a sheep.

Four things I really want to experience

This is not an endless list and will be added to, I have no doubt, but these are the sort of things I wish to experience and will then blog about for your delectation. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions via this blog. For some reason these four things are top of my list at the moment.

1. Go to a Sunday Gospel church thingy where they all go mental and speak in tongues and ‘miracles’ are performed.

2. Go to a baseball/football/basketball match and be on the kiss-cam (and perform better than the Obamas did)…..see here:

3. Go to a massive, off the wall food place like in Man Vs Food ( and either eat my body weight in pizza or watch some crazy dude do it.

4. Go to a Rodeo and see real live cowboys in real live cowboy hats and real live leather chaps (enough said).

The list will go on……………. 🙂




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2 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 15

  1. Vyv says:

    I’m sure your lovely husband will be happy to oblige with a competitive eating stunt – hasn’t he been practising for years already?

  2. Iain says:

    You could quite easily have done the church thing in England! There are loads around in Cheltenham.

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