Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 14

Martin O’Malley, the Governor of Maryland

The Governor of Maryland State = hot = rock star by night = Democratic genius by day

= I may have to source a job in the Guvnor’s office.

According to David Simon, the creator of the HBO drama The Wire, the fictional Mayor of Baltimore Tommy Carcetti is “not O’Malley”, but O’Malley was one of several inspirations – ooer!

Hello Martin O’Malley!

Heatwave and power shortage in Maryland – it sounds pretty crazy out there right now. 39 degrees, then electrical storms, then power outage, they are now on day 4 of the power outage, the added irony of burning candles to see at night in 30 degree heat…………….yowsers.  But this is the progressive, modern day land of the free and I am sure they will sort it all out…..they bloody better had do by the time I get there.

I expect Martin O’Malley will be on the case. Link here to a picture of a frazzled, yet hot, Martin giving reassurance like only he can:

I’m reassured.

Have decided to tweet/stalk you Governor Martin O’Malley – may our paths cross at some point in time……..

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