Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 12

Follow the Yellow Brick Road……….

Let me tell you, there are endless, moutains and heaps of forms and paperwork covering every flat surface I have sight of at the moment. So many people require so much information about so many things.  I hope never to fill in another form in my life, but I doubt that my wish will come true – certainly not in the next nine weeks.

My post-it note on top of a pile of recent requests for form filling in, signatures and unnecessary personal information left for my husband read like this last night:

“Dear husband. I cannot make head nor tail of any of this gubbins. Please can you sort. xx”

And, do you know what…? He did!  Are we almost there, towards the Emerald City dear reader? No, I think (extension of metaphor here, and therefore required knowledge of The Best Film Ever Made), we are at the Tin Man vicinity of the Yellow Brick Road.

We have yet more perils to encounter:

i) getting new passports right = the flying monkeys swoop in;

ii) stressful shipping and packing day = capture by the Wicked Witch of the West

and, of course, much enjoyment:

i) work leaving do = we meet the Cowardly Lion

ii) Leaving Party of the Year = we reach the Emerald City

iii) we fly to America = we’re off in the hot air balloon with Dorothy and Toto.

You keeping up?!

That reminds me, in keeping with the Wizard of Oz theme, I must, must remember to utter the following words to Harry when we disembark the plane when we arrive Stateside: “I don’t think we’re in Cheltenham anymore, Harry.” 

Thank you for allowing me extensive use of your reference from your American literary masterpiece, Frank L. Baum 🙂

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