Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 10

84 days to go, 104 things to do…..

I like to tick things off lists. It is extremely satisfying. And then I like to add more things to the list. However, after an encounter with the authorities today my list is even longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….. Holy moly, even I (self-nominated Queen of Lists) am struggling to cope with the amount of stuff there is to do.

However, you will be glad to hear that a key priority task has been successfully ticked off – MY LEAVING OUTFIT/S.

These are fully prepared (yes, there are two – daytime and evening) and I am A+ happy with them. Would you like a peak? No chance, suckers! These are to be revealed at The Do. A hint……? Oh, okay – oufit 1: amusing yet topical – outfit 2: hot.

I have realised that I actually need two more outfits. There is a general work leaving do/pub event (outfit choice = worky but not too worky – actually not at all worky – just ‘da bomb’, as is the current trend of saying). And there is a do at my parents’ house (outfit choice = no heels since there are few treacherous step to negotiate, but let’s go for something smokin’ again).

Yes, it is true, dear reader, this is the sort of inconsequential nonsense that occupies my brain space.

I have a bone to pick today, however……the authorities told me my visa should state as my occupation ‘homemaker’ or’housewife’ – are they having a freaking laugh?!!!! HOMEMAKER? This is not the 1950s and I, let it be known, am no man’s homemaker! They should ban that word from the Oxford English Dictionary (I will petition herewith). I am outraged of middle-class Cheltenham. I feel a rebellion coming on…..

After thought…..does this mean my other half fills in his visa with the occupation of ‘breadwinner’…..? Get yourselves under those buses, ladies…:)


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