Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 9

Iced Tea…..

What, dear friends, is the deal with Iced Tea? The selection (in the aforementioned and already much-loved) Giant Food is admirable. Green tea, grapefruit tea, ginger tea, spider’s web dew-drop tea (guess what, I made up that last one) – even a Tetley teabag sits comfortably within this eclectic mix.

But I don’t get Iced Tea. I don’t like cold tea – who does honestly? That’s the cold bit at the end of your cup you throw away or the bit that a gypsy lady will swill around to read in your tea leaves (though I have noted that this happens less often owing to the 20th century teabag – fnar fnar – phenomenon). Conclusion: cold tea has no use.

Anyhow, Giant Food lists a plethora of offspring, descended from the Iced Tea family….it’s a crazy thing that I can’t get my head round. Still, I will try it to ensure I increase my understanding of the passion for it and ingrain myself within the Iced Tea drinking culture – much like I tried sheep’s eyes in Morocco (I’m not sure I actually did that, but it has dramatic impact).

Ditto Meatloaf.

WTF is going on with meatloaf? Every American programme I have ever watched (and there A LOT) about American families has them cooking / eating / sharing meatloaf. I have had to Google the recipe for meatloaf, because I have no idea what this culinary delight consists of.

It is with surprise that I can report that meatloaf is actually made with 80% meat. For some reason I wasn’t expecting that. I thought there might be some strange ingredient/addition that makes it not-quite-so-meat-meatloaf, but meatloaf it is.

May my eyes be opened to more culinary creativeness in 86 days times (yes, 86!)

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