Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 8

Friends, good times, hairdressers…..

Let me tell you something, and I think this might fall into the ironic category.

I am having a super dooper time at the moment. This may well be to do with the fact that I am on constant countdown and therefore in party mode, but it is not dissimilar to when I am due to go to the hairdressers.

Let me explain.

I go to have my roots done every six weeks (as stated with great importance in chapter 1) and it seems to me that for about 3 days before I go to the hairdressers my hair feels and looks fabulous and it seems odd that I am then sitting in the hairdressers getting it ‘fixed’.  This analogy is supposed to highlight what is happening in my life right now. Everything is fabulous and I’m about to go and shoot the breeze in some other town.

Right now there is a rush on to go out, see my friends, get dates in the diary, hook up, have drinkies and eats, spend time together and it’s a nice place to be at. An interesting condundrum.

Note: I have a friend who is also going to live in the States. Guess what – five mins drive from where we will be. How did that happen?! Great news. And great for babysitting (goes both ways, obviously).

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