Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 7

Time moves on…..

And so, here we are, with three months to go.

You’ve read the blog so far….are you feeling it?

I have made a plan to get us to the USA – a great big, luscious project plan with tasks assigned to me (Busty) and my other half (Crusty). If you wish to understand these nicknames further, ask away via the comments box and I shall divulge!

Our plan sits on the wall at home in the kitchen and it is, of course, colour-coded. Currently out of the 58 tasks listed, only two are ticked off. This obviously plays havoc with my need to DO STUFF ALL THE TIME. Anyhow, I shall stay calm. I will get to Washington and that shall be that, with or without my ruby slippers.

Be clear about one thing, dear reader, I am deadly excited.

Every day at the moment I spend my drive to work, having dropped Harry at nursery, fantasising about what I will be doing in three months time, when I drop him at his [rather fancy] school.

For instance, right now I do a job where I sit at a desk and say things like “that is of stratgic importance” or “let’s channel that through the appropriate communications route” and other blah blah nonsense.  And I sit and type, and sit and chat, and sit and do commsy stuff.

In America, my day will probably go like this: to Bagel Bin and have the turkey deli bagel, go to the gym and do Aeroboxing, clean one [of the four] toilets in the house, talk to the cats, sell “British Vintage” clothes to unassuming Americans – “yes, Next is vintage high street”, teach Zumba, substitute English teach at Harry’s school, set up a netball team (from Netball USA – would I like to go to Vegas in November to promote netball in the States – er, yes please!), write my novel and this blog and my series of children’s books, study MA Psychology at the University of Maryland and get my teeth whitened (not on tax-payers’ money, of course).

Oooh, that sounds like a fun day. It’s the final countdown (doo doo doo doo doo). 🙂

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