Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 2

How do I feel?

Shiiiittttttttt! Scared, excited, making virtual lists in my head. Thought process goes like this: What about the cats? I must save £1000 to afford to take them with us. And they must come. How many USA hemisphere socket adaptors will I need? I hope our house is super big and proper American and that it’s not too far from reality. Will I get a job? Do I want a job? Will I get a visa? What do I have to do to get a visa? Must Google map it all. How will I get everything sorted? Must do the attic – crap, I have so much stuff – shall I ebay it? God, I hate ebaying stuff. Yard sale – nope, not in America yet.

Yikes, I’m going to America!

Now, I watch The Mentalist (yes, really, I do) and see scenes of America I don’t like and some stuff I love with a big L.  But this is ridiculous to start summising because it’s the wrong side of America. Should I be watching 24? Nope, LA again. Um, is there anything filmed in suburbian Washington? Lord above, not The Wire, that’s Baltimore and I do not frigging think that is what I am getting myself in to – is it?

Where are we going to live?

For me this is crucial. Picket fence? Walk in wardrobe? Distance to shops/town/general population (gen pop – sounds like when you are released into prison from maximum security or isolation……)

If I can know this, I can start planning. I’m in limbo.

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